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Biofill Training

Biofill Training

Trainees at Construction site

Biofill Toilet Construction is the next big thing, come and learn so you have a skill
Learn a new skills in the BIOFILL SYSTEM

The market is still fresh. Take advantage and be your own boss

You will learn practically:

▶How and where to buy materials for construction of biofill manhole

▶Design and install

No qualification required
Once you have the desire to learn
Females are encouraged to be part
Anyone can attend
Certificate,training materials,
Handouts etc will be made available



Project Consultancy

The digester is essentially a biological filter consisting of a medium of soil and pervious concrete. Bacteria, other organisms degrade solid fecal matter. All liquids are organically filtered out of the bottom of the digester and drained into the soil where further and final decomposition occurs. Other solids (toilet paper & all degradable anal cleaning material) are decomposed and converted into rich & safe soil. When the Biofil Digester is used in the flush toilet situation, high nutrient biologically treated water is made available for effective landscaping and beautification of the environment.

Our Products

Biozymes & Bioclean

Bioclean Septic harbours a natural and safe blend of specific enzyme producing microbes dealing with septic tank management. It is a proven method for digestion of organic waste (human fecal matter), elimination of odour, removal of sludge build up in drain pipes, septic tanks and leach pits. The microbes in Bioclean Septic are specifically adapted to tolerate exposure to household chemicals. Also available in enzymatic formulation.